Minimalist luxury living in a spaciously sustainable house

Koda was created due to the growth of the world population and the lack of living space in the Western world. Now it has extended to Mongolia for your luxury and comfort, wherever you are located. Within the city, deep in the mountains or by the lake, Koda will fulfil your quality lifestyle.

Temporary or not, it can fill your empty plot without damaging your land with limited onsite work. 


Multifunctionality for creating contemporary dynamic spaces is something all KODA models embody – KODA houses designed with an efficient room layout can be easily transformed many times over.


Office, showroom

Hotel, hospitality

Café, shop

It provides an opportunity to test new business or residential locations. Kodas can be stacked together to create your custom needs.

What is a Koda house?

KODA is an easily movable multifunctional home providing an excellent way of aesthetically enriching our cities whilst using temporarily or permanently empty urban land or even flat rooftops. KODA is easy to set up and flexible. It can be relocated into a new location quickly and with little fuss. Thus, dynamic cities are born, able to provide spatial solutions wherever the need arises.


  • movable
  • multifunctional
  • stackable
  • prefabricated
  • turnkey

It is fully fitted with interior furniture and utility facilities. 

Clean water, sewage, air conditioner, underfloor heating, and solar panel are ready to be connected onsite.

Koda house is fully manufactured in Mongolia with European standards in our factory and will be transported and fitted for you within one day.