Gerlug Vista Residential Town

"MGL E&C" LLC developed the concept idea along with the general plan of the "Gerlug Vista" project implemented in Khan-Uul district on the order of "Tavan Bogd Property" LLC.

When developing the concept, in order to maximize the duration of sunlight in the interior space, we chose a wide, not deep, space planning by increasing the area of ​​the outer fence element of the house, and creating a six-sided shape so that the outward view of each house could be free to collide with each other depending on the function.
In order to ensure the comfort and safety of the users, the central part of the campus is separated from the car traffic, and the public space is planned by creating a level difference. In accordance with the needs of the residents, 2 floors of services, 240 kindergartens, indoor and outdoor parking spaces accessible to every family, green facilities, four-season playgrounds, sports fields, and winter gardens for all age groups have been comprehensively planned.


Project name
Gerlug Vista Residential Town
Under construction
88740 sq.m
Tavan Bogd Property LLC
Design team
MGL E&C Concept team