"KAIDU MALL" Cinema next Mixed-Use building

KAIDU mall is a 9-story multifaceted entertainment complex with a modern cinema, commercial services, and a children’s park, which provides a pleasant environment for families and children and youth to spend their free time in a comfortable manner in the Eastern Suburbs of Ulaanbaatar. As soon as you enter the door, you will be greeted by a spacious and bright environment with 8.8m column with beautiful unique metal and wooden structures, and it has created the opportunity to enjoy all necessary facilities such as coffee shops, libraries, banks, restaurants, karaoke, and cinemas. On the fourth and fifth floors of the building, there will be a movie theater “Cinema next” with a total of 7 halls, equipped with the second most innovative technological solutions in the world. In those rooms, a “laser projector” that distributes the quality and resolution of the image to the audience as it was originally captured was placed. It is also fitted “Dolby Atmos” sound, which provides a live atmosphere by spreading the sound to the audience from all sides of the hall. The project was selected as the “BEST BUILDING” of 2021 as it is a development dedicated to the community as a center for culture, art and human needs in the eastern suburbs far from the city center.

Project name
"KAIDU MALL" Cinema next Mixed-Use building
16230.00 ㎡
Design team
MGL E&C Concept team